Many demo groups and crackers wrote programs just for fun. You couldn't do anything useful with this software, just watching and listening. But all of these ran only in color mode! As a typical german ST user I mainly used the monochrome screen SM124 and was very disappointed that there weren't any demos for it. So I wrote my own...

Download: Archive with program, 56KB.

Screen snapshot:

Just the snapshot.

What to expect:

There are four parts: first a splash screen offers to you the chance to quit if you're afraid. The second part from which the picture came is just the introducing screen without anything special. It has a really bad sound! The third and main part shows a rotating scroller, real gray pixels (not just checkerboard at pixel scale), and plays one of three ripped tunes. The last part lets your screen melt...

You get from screen to screen by pressing the space bar. I used a primitive compression for most datas to keep the program size small. The program runs on any ST connected to a SM124 or similar, maybe on emulators as well. I think that I only use allocated memory so that no loaded drivers or ram disks should be corrupted.

Horizontal Bar.

Who to blame:

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