DisAsm V1.0


DisAsm is a table driven assembler for 8 bit microprocessors and similar devices. You start it in a shell window, it has no graphical user interface. There are commands to load binary code, definition tables, and previously saved work. You define kinds of memory usage such as code, data, or variables. Some commands show the disassembly and serve you with some automatics. See below for a full command list.


disasm.zip Archive with source, executables for Intel-Linux, DOS, and TOS, documentation, and some tables, 153KB.

Available commands:

Please read the documentation for detailed descriptions. The text includes instructions how to create new tables for other processors. The "help" command displays this list of available commands:

?                  help
Olines             Option: default lines
Tfile              load Table file
Bfile[,addr]       load Binary file
Pfile              load Params file
F[addr][,vv[..]]   Find byte(s)
C[addr],type       set Control tag
                   (First Ascii Byte Word Space Code Last)
C[addr],K          Kill Control tag
C*,K               Kill all Control tags
C[addr][,[end]]    list Control tags
D[addr][,[end]]    Dump
L[addr][,[end]]    List
A[addr][,[end]]    Auto set control tags (L without output)
Sfile              save Params file
Gfile              Generate output file
X                  eXit


Scott L. Baker gave the RCA 1802 table which generates source code for the PseudoSAM assembler.

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