Klingel V1.4


This is a doorbell. Well, a special one: it plays samples. You can use it for "ding-dong" or "continuous-ringing". That's it.

OK, some more words. The doorbell uses an 8751 microcontroller, this is the standard 8051 with EPROM code memory. Accompanied with a 128 KByte flash EEPROM, a digital-analog-converter, and an amplifier, it works as an "electronic acoustic notification system".

Its features are:


klingel_v1_4.zip Archive with schematic, source, binary, documentation, example sounds, 111KB.


This is one of my most successful projects. The hardware was built early in 1996, and it worked well for many years until I sold my flat. It may be still in use today because the new owners liked it very much. Some software updates were seen, but nothing was seriously wrong.

There are some hardware changes, compared with the schematic:

Special offer:

Since I don't have any more use of the paperwork, I'd love to give it away in compensation of the postage. For just few bucks you'll receive printed:

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