Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht


This was my first attempt to write a game with artificial intelligence. It started on the ZX Spectrum, written standing in front of an exhibited Speccy in a local shop. That time I simply could not afford any computer... Some time later I build a ZX81 so the game was ported. And another port happened when I bought my Atari 1040STF.

Please don't expect too much of these little programs. Even though they show how a computer can evaluate the game's situation and react accordingly.

Download: Archive with programs for ZX81, ZX Spectrum, TOS, and sources, 7KB.

Screen snapshots:

Just the snapshot of the ZX Spectrum version. Just the snapshot of the ZX81 version. Just the snapshot of the Atari ST version.


"Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht" is a German board game. The name means "Do not get angry, buddy". Upto four players throw a dice in turns and decide which stone they move. You will find the detailed rules in the web ;-)

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