Smart File Compare V2.0

What's this tiny thing?

Every time I liked to compare two files on a DOS machine I found that there's no program around to suit my needs. So I had to write my own...

You may compare two files of any size and of any format. If they're DOS text files (with end-of-lines by CR-LF) you may like to switch to ascii mode to get a more readable display. The only limitation I found annoying is that you can't use long filenames because I compiled it as simple 16 bit DOS program. SFC is called with two file names, otherwise it will display a short help line. If there aren't any differences no display occurs and SFC returns to the caller.

There's no need to explain much, please take a look at the snapshot. The only command that needs a word is "jump to another byte." You enter a value and SFC looks for a byte with any other value. So you can jump over huge amounts of zeroes for example.

Download: Archive with source and programs for DOS and TOS, 31KB.

Screen snapshot:

Just the snapshot.

Horizontal Bar.

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