In september 2002 the german handheld magazine "beam" announced a competition for an Advent Calendar. I signed up, but some weeks later the editor Christoph Kaufmann reported that only few people were interested. The competition was canceled, but he invited us for a chat and then we decided to write it anyway.

The project was called "yuccadvent" and created at SourceForge under the GNU General Public License.


Please visit the project summary page for the latest versions. Of course there's no dedicated homepage, since this is seasonal software...

Screen snapshot:

Just the snapshot.

What's it about:

In Christian religion we celebrate Christ's birth on december, 25th (known as Xmas or Christmas). To prepare for this time of contemplation we use a special Advent Calendar. Each day in december you open a door; so you do in this cute application. There's a surprise behind each door: a story, a poem, a recipe, a little game, or something else.

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