Load & Save V1.2


Did you ever want to get rid of your tape recorder at your Sinclair or Timex? Then you may like to try this little tools. There are dedicated programs for ZX80 BASIC and ZX81 BASIC (and compatibles) to mimic a saving or replaying recorder. If you look around the WWW you'll find others which might work better or worse - I didn't compare them. This one contains the source code for the curious ones!


loadsave.zip Archive with source, documentation, executables for TOS, DOS, Windows, Linux, and FOSSIL driver for DOS, 196KB.

Technical notes:

1. Please read the documentation for details. (The serial interface is used.)

2. Please read the documentation for details. (You might need supporting electronics.)

3. Please read the documentation for details. (For DOS you have to use an interrupt driven BIOS extension, for example a FOSSIL driver.)

4. Trying my Atari ST I found a very interesting effect: the builtin UART (MFP 68901) synchronizes on every baudrate between once to twice the selected baudrate!

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