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Software and hardware by Bodo Wenzel

Welcome! These pages collect everything I thought to be useful for you. Most of these things are rather old, but if you're addicted to computers as I am you know what I mean. Much of the documentation is in german; if you like to translate it and send it back to me, you're welcome! Links for downloads and detailed descriptions are in the tables below. All trademarked, registered and copyrighted names and materials are reserved by their holders.

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Things are sorted in some order to keep your access simple:

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Software, fun:

Name System Description Download
ZX81 (HRG) This multipart demo is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the ZX81. (80KB) The sources (60KB) Just the program, P file and WAV
(11MB) MP4 video, linked at the page
ZX81 A simple fractal drawing program, showing the dragon curve. (1KB)
V1.0, 1999
ZX81 (HRG and 24KB) A demonstration how "huge" a ZX81 screen could be. It shows 30x40 text mode and 320x240 graphic mode. (24KB) (920KB)
Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht
ZX81, ZX Spectrum, TOS The German board game in different levels of maturity on different systems. (19KB)
TOS (SM124) My first and only Atari demo. I wrote this because I never found any demos running on the monochrome screen. (56KB)
PalmBoy PalmOS A simple Nintendo Gameboy emulator under GPL. This is the precursor of Phoinix, development has stopped. (240KB) Emulator and utilities, no games (42KB) Some free games
Phoinix PalmOS A simple Nintendo Gameboy emulator under GPL. For downloads and more visit the given page, please.
V1.0, 1999
V2.0, 2008
ZX81 (HRG) Puzzle game to demonstrate a real gray level in graphic mode. V1.0 (41KB) V2.0 (28KB)
ZX81 (HRG) A multipart demo, the concatenation of the original. (16KB)
V3.2, 2001
TOS A simple Nintendo Gameboy emulator under GPL. No sound, no colors. I used it to develop PalmBoy. For newer versions visit the STemBoy page of Matthias Jaap. (88KB) Just the program (170KB) Everything
Unix, DOS, TOS Unfinished game for hunting other players in a maze. Planned to connect several machines in a heterogeneous network. More information at Till's homepage
yuccadvent PalmOS An Advent Calendar under GPL, I was just part of a team. All at the project page

Software, utility:

Name System Description Download
V2.2, 1989
TOS An old GEM utility to compare two files. "Synchronize", "modify", and more are possible. Not MultiTOS friendly! (19KB)
Load & Save
V1.2, 2002
DOS, Windows, Linux, TOS for ZX80/81 Use your PC or Atari as a tape recorder for your ZX80 or ZX81. Record and playback standard P-files via the serial line. (196KB)
Smart File Compare
V2.0, 1998
DOS, TOS Compare two files, quick'n'dirty in 80x25 text mode. No limit on file size, two modes: binary and ASCII. (31KB)
V2.1, 1998
DOS, TOS Check and translate end-of-line characters. It knows about DOS (CR/LF), MAC (CR), and UNIX (LF) styles. (18KB)

Software, programming:

Name System Description Download

V1.0, 1994
TOS The last evolution stage of my assemblers. Table driven for virtually any 8 bit micro. Primitive linking capabilities. (131KB)
V2.10, 1999
TOS Port of the ASxxxx package by Alan R. Baldwin. Many micros are supported, universal linker. (456KB)
V1.0, 1999
Unix, DOS, TOS Interactive disassembler for 8 bit micros. No graphic shell, it uses the console. Table driven, tables for some micros included. (153KB)
V1.4, 1985
ZX81, ZX Spectrum One of my not-so-well programs, a rudimentary Forth interpreter. (7KB)
TOS Port of prc2bin, a Palm database tool. (12KB)
V1.0b3, 1999
TOS Port of Pila, the pilot assembler by Darrin Massena and Wes Cherry. (130KB)
V1.13, 2000
TOS Port of PilotDis, the pilot disassembler maintained by David Griffiths. (130KB)
V2.4, 1999
TOS Port of PilRC, the pilot resource compiler maintained by Aaron Ardiri. (68KB)
V1.0, 1993
DOS, TOS, more Native and cross compiler for a subset of C, based on Small C. It is table driven to be used for several targets, tables for 68000, 8086, and 8051 are supplied. It can compile itself! (408KB)
V0.9.4, 1999
TOS Port of some tools from the pilot-link package by Kenneth Albanowski. I just needed the transfer program "pilot-xfer". (142KB)
V1.1, 1998
8051 series Universal monitor for examining microcontroller systems using 8031 or one of its derivatives. The archive contains binaries for small ROMs, too. (129KB)


Name Description Download
V1.0, 1998, 2009
This little device is a timer counting down to a destination date. It consists of a PIC and 10 numerical LED displays. (189KB) schematic (6KB) simulation (5KB) Y2K countdown (6KB) versatile timer
Jupiter Ace
NO! I'm not the inventor of this cute home computer! But I did some re-engineering...
A nice Spaniard built a home-brew, see his story! (173KB)
V1.4, 1998
An electronic doorbell with flash EEPROM for the sounds. Programmable via the serial interface. (111KB)
FPGA (programmable logic) design for a flat screen (LCD) replacing the original Atari SM124 CRT. (20KB) VHDL, binary (6KB) OrCAD schematic
V1.0, 1998
Just a prototype of an LCD controlled by a PIC. (98KB) schematic (6KB) source and binary
V1.1, 2001
Time switch for a gas central heating; can be used for general purpose switching. (20KB) source code (79KB) schematic and instructions (36KB) schematic as Eagle file
V1.1, 1997
CPLD (programmable logic) design to replace the original ULA of the ZX81 directly. (52KB)
FPGA (programmable logic) design to build an extended version of the famous ZX81 (aka TS1000). You need only four chips: Z80 CPU, 256 KBit RAM, 256 KBit EPROM, and Xilinx 3042 or compatible. It's possible to connect an LCD to get a real laptop! (195KB) FPGA design (123KB) Boot manager

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